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For The Troops Overseas (Online Diary)
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Welcome to my blog!

This weblog is my online journal for the troops overseas.  Everyone is welcome to come and submitt something about a family member or a friend overseas.
It can be a picture and or something you just want to say.
This page is just for them.  There will be no sales links here.  Only links to other pages who support them. Plus I also will be starting a webring to support them as well. 
If you have a love one who has died in 911 or this war, feel free to submit something in rememberance of them if you feel lead to do so.
I say thank you to the troops.  I want them to visit this page, if they can do so.  It's important for them to know that there are people here validating them.
Susan Paduano

I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, sharing news, views, experiences, photos...whatever anyone wants to add to support the troops.

This area will include links to other sites supporting the troops.

Little blog people

Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!

This is in rememberance of our men and women fighting for us overseas. Bring them home!